Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My first blog post!

Welcome to my blog! I had a case of blog-envy having been on and (both highly recommended forums for felting fanatics) everyone else seems to have a blog about their felting projects, so i thought i would start one also so i can document my felting creations.

I have made 6 pieces so far. Mr first two were the fox (that was meant to be a cat initially!!) and the cupcake.

As you can see i haven't yet finished the fox as i have been waiting for my black fibre to arrive!
I then decided to have a go at a fish

All 3 were needle felted

Then came my wisdom teeth operation, stuck at home and signed off work for a week i got bored of watching endless CSI episodes so decided to start felting again, i this time fancied having ago at making something for my house so decided to try a starfish for the bathroom. It started out as just a star but i felt (ha ha) it needed a bit more character so added a face and voila!

I was then on a roll and had a go at a proper face and my old man was born

I thought it was unfair for him no be bodyless so stuck him on some pipecleaners with the hope of one day creating him a body, he looks strangly tim-burtonish at the moment!

It was my frind marie's birthday last week and me being the terrible friend i am haven't got her a pressie, so i thought i would have a go at making her something, heres the result

It was my first attempt at wet felting. i mixed the purple and blue togther with the two pet brushes i bought and then added some white and then needle felted the colours together in the petal shapes, i then had a go at lightly wet felting the leaves. I then totally wet felted the stem using some green and white merino roving and felted it until it went solid. Once it was all dry (in the airing cupboard for 45 minutes) i then needle felted them all together, quickly wet felted some stamens, stuck them in the middle and there you go.

Well this has been long and picture heavy, next one will be briefer!


feltedfibers said...

Hi Redgirl! Welcome to the world of blogging and felting, love your starfish, How did your husband make it blink? its great! love your flower too, dont forget to put it in the monthly challenge on felting forum.

redgirl said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I will have to enter my flower in the monthly challenge, what good timing! Apparently my husband animated my starfish in 'Adobe image ready' and then saved it as a gif file! All beyond me i'm afraid!
Love your popstar figure, its amazing!

Cat said...

These are gorgeous, do you have any tutorials? x

redgirl said...

Hi Cat,
I haven't any tutorials i'm afraid, i sort of make it up as i go along and see where the needle takes me!