Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Google reader

So i am a HUGE Google reader fan! I love reading blogs and i love that Google reader helps me keep track and keep up with all my favourite. I have a load of blogs I subscribe to on various different topics which i will gradually start adding to my links but thought i would tell you about not one but two i have read today.

Firstly there is which is a fabby quilting blog. I also doubly love it as Allison, who writes the blog, has chickens, as a fellow chicken owner (i have 8!) i feel a certain affinity to her! Anyway she is doing a stash giveaway today which i have entered. I am starting out and have limited fabric so it would give my quilting a boost. Lots of peeps have entered and its a randomly selected thing, but hey someone has to win it!

Secondly is the amazing giveaway at U-handblog where the lovely Lisa is giving away a brand spanking new Jamone sewing machine!!!!!! It gets even better as she is based in the UK, so i can enter!! Usually these amazing giveaways are on American blogs and overseas peeps can't enter, however thanks to Lisa (and my parents i guess for birthing me in England!) i can!! She hasn't revealed yet what we have to do to enter, but she is telling all sometime today, it goes without saying that I shall be checking Google reader regularly!

There is a distinct lack of pics here at the mo. I will ensure my next post i will have piccies and i will also tell you about the amazing book i have just ordered on Amazon *squeal of excitment*!

Good luck to anyone who enters the draws. Damn it why did i tell you all about it!!! I have cut my odds of winnning even further, fortunately i am a wonderful human being who likes to spread joy so i dont mind really ;)

hellooooo, it's been a while...

Hmm i have been on somewhat of a crafting and blog hiatus. I have done bits and pieces including sewing a couple of sock monkeys but have been generally a very bad crafter and blogger!

However today that all changes as i have decided to tackle something that i have wanted to do for a looong time, quilting!!!

I'm not talking those older style quilts with dark dreary colours, i am talking modern quilting! Lots of cute fabrics in contemporary/funky/cute designs arranged in yummy modern contemporary, funky and cute ways! I have also discovered applique, specifically machine free motion sewing, (i detest hand sewing) it looks AMAZING!!! I've also discovered free motion machine embroidery which is super cute looking! So i am going to combine these three very cool techniques: quilting and applique and embroidery, and come up with a style that is all mine!

The main impetus for this new crafting is because i want to decorate and furnish my baby's nursery myself, as much as i can. Yes that's right i am 17 weeks pregnant woohoo!! I have seen lots of cutsie stufff in shops and online, but each time i look at them i think "i can do that, and better!" Truth is i may not be able to, but hell i wont know without trying. So join me in my newest crafting adventure and see if i will actually succeed!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Half finished projects!

Well i dug out my camera again and here are some pics of my half finished needle felted creations! I realised that the 1/2 finished fox piccie i have already posted in my first blog post (see below). It is still 'blind' my husband keeps nagging me to finish it as he feels its not fair on the poor fox (hes such a softie - and a little bit delusional!!). Also my old man also in my previous posts i haven't done any more with either!

First up is my witch/hag (might need to uglify her a bit more!):

Had to put this picture in as she matches my roses i have on my coffee table at the moment!!

I added lots of colours to the face and then put the flesh coloured wool on top to give the skin more depth and character as inspired by Bridgette's Krag Hansens book i bought a while ago (see previous posts!). I really enjoy how much control you have sculpturally with the needle, if i am not happy with anything i either keep stabbing at it to get rid of it or add more roving to hide it. So what the witch/hag needs now is a body. I was thinking along the lines of a voluptuous pre-raphaelite-esq body, lots of curves! Think she also needs some sort of headwear maybe a large floppy hat, bow or flower or something! One of my friends thinks she looks like one of those shrunken heads!!

The next one is a project inspired by this book by Gillian Harris.
It is going to be a tooth holder for the tooth fairy to collect her tooth from! The Fairy's little bag is open at the top and just big enough to get a tooth in. Saves her having to do all that pesky reaching under pillows to find the tooth each time! Am thinking of giving it to my god daughter so might add her name onto it also. As you can see i need to add the fairy's arm to it so she is actually holding the bag. Its all needle felted bar the legs which i wet felted to get them nice and round.
An action shot:

everythings rosy!

I am soooo bad at not completing things. I start making them and then stop halfway! However i did make a rose the other day that i think i finished as it was a small project, so here it is. I might also post the things that are halfway done as well, it might inspire me to finish them!! Oh to be a completer finisher......

Ooh forgot to add that i added my star to the felting forum March challenge of Celestial bodies, sun, moon and stars. I realise that i was intending for it to look like a starFISH but hey it looks way more like a star than the fish variety!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Where have i been?!

Well it has been almost a year since i last posted, that is shocking! Where have i been, travelling the world, having children, finding the cure for cancer, nope i have been in Sussex just pootling along with my life and not felting! I realised it was my brothers birthday yesterday so i decided to dust off my needles and yarn/roving and make him a sunset picture. It's all needle felted and a little 3D on the rocks. I am thinking about sticking it in a box frame to frame it or i might not get round to that and just give it to him as it is, i will see how i feel!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How cool is my fantastic husband, i asked him to shrink one of my starfish photos so i could use as an avatar on the felting forums i frequent and he made it into a gif (whatever one of those is) and now it blinks! Its like it come to life!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

new roving has arrived!!!!

Hurrah my fibres from have arrived, plus my spontaneous buy from wingham wool of the Birgitte Krag Hansen book 'new felt'

check out her website, its amazing i aspire to produce needle felted dolls like hers one day, perhaps her book will teach me how!

My first blog post!

Welcome to my blog! I had a case of blog-envy having been on and (both highly recommended forums for felting fanatics) everyone else seems to have a blog about their felting projects, so i thought i would start one also so i can document my felting creations.

I have made 6 pieces so far. Mr first two were the fox (that was meant to be a cat initially!!) and the cupcake.

As you can see i haven't yet finished the fox as i have been waiting for my black fibre to arrive!
I then decided to have a go at a fish

All 3 were needle felted

Then came my wisdom teeth operation, stuck at home and signed off work for a week i got bored of watching endless CSI episodes so decided to start felting again, i this time fancied having ago at making something for my house so decided to try a starfish for the bathroom. It started out as just a star but i felt (ha ha) it needed a bit more character so added a face and voila!

I was then on a roll and had a go at a proper face and my old man was born

I thought it was unfair for him no be bodyless so stuck him on some pipecleaners with the hope of one day creating him a body, he looks strangly tim-burtonish at the moment!

It was my frind marie's birthday last week and me being the terrible friend i am haven't got her a pressie, so i thought i would have a go at making her something, heres the result

It was my first attempt at wet felting. i mixed the purple and blue togther with the two pet brushes i bought and then added some white and then needle felted the colours together in the petal shapes, i then had a go at lightly wet felting the leaves. I then totally wet felted the stem using some green and white merino roving and felted it until it went solid. Once it was all dry (in the airing cupboard for 45 minutes) i then needle felted them all together, quickly wet felted some stamens, stuck them in the middle and there you go.

Well this has been long and picture heavy, next one will be briefer!