Wednesday, December 02, 2009

hellooooo, it's been a while...

Hmm i have been on somewhat of a crafting and blog hiatus. I have done bits and pieces including sewing a couple of sock monkeys but have been generally a very bad crafter and blogger!

However today that all changes as i have decided to tackle something that i have wanted to do for a looong time, quilting!!!

I'm not talking those older style quilts with dark dreary colours, i am talking modern quilting! Lots of cute fabrics in contemporary/funky/cute designs arranged in yummy modern contemporary, funky and cute ways! I have also discovered applique, specifically machine free motion sewing, (i detest hand sewing) it looks AMAZING!!! I've also discovered free motion machine embroidery which is super cute looking! So i am going to combine these three very cool techniques: quilting and applique and embroidery, and come up with a style that is all mine!

The main impetus for this new crafting is because i want to decorate and furnish my baby's nursery myself, as much as i can. Yes that's right i am 17 weeks pregnant woohoo!! I have seen lots of cutsie stufff in shops and online, but each time i look at them i think "i can do that, and better!" Truth is i may not be able to, but hell i wont know without trying. So join me in my newest crafting adventure and see if i will actually succeed!

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