Saturday, March 22, 2008

Half finished projects!

Well i dug out my camera again and here are some pics of my half finished needle felted creations! I realised that the 1/2 finished fox piccie i have already posted in my first blog post (see below). It is still 'blind' my husband keeps nagging me to finish it as he feels its not fair on the poor fox (hes such a softie - and a little bit delusional!!). Also my old man also in my previous posts i haven't done any more with either!

First up is my witch/hag (might need to uglify her a bit more!):

Had to put this picture in as she matches my roses i have on my coffee table at the moment!!

I added lots of colours to the face and then put the flesh coloured wool on top to give the skin more depth and character as inspired by Bridgette's Krag Hansens book i bought a while ago (see previous posts!). I really enjoy how much control you have sculpturally with the needle, if i am not happy with anything i either keep stabbing at it to get rid of it or add more roving to hide it. So what the witch/hag needs now is a body. I was thinking along the lines of a voluptuous pre-raphaelite-esq body, lots of curves! Think she also needs some sort of headwear maybe a large floppy hat, bow or flower or something! One of my friends thinks she looks like one of those shrunken heads!!

The next one is a project inspired by this book by Gillian Harris.
It is going to be a tooth holder for the tooth fairy to collect her tooth from! The Fairy's little bag is open at the top and just big enough to get a tooth in. Saves her having to do all that pesky reaching under pillows to find the tooth each time! Am thinking of giving it to my god daughter so might add her name onto it also. As you can see i need to add the fairy's arm to it so she is actually holding the bag. Its all needle felted bar the legs which i wet felted to get them nice and round.
An action shot:

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feltedfibers said...

Hello, nice to see you back in blogland! The Gillian Harris book is wonderful isent it, I spoil myself with as many felting books as I can.
Yes, please finish your projects, look forward to seeing them